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A Bit of Distraction for the Holidays!

This Holiday Season, we all could use a bit of distraction, an escape from the grim tragedy we’ve come to know as 2020. Distraction is the one true gift authors have to give, an opportunity to escape one’s own circumstances and immerse themselves in a story.

To that end, the second novel in the KindleKat Series, Cyber Dead or Alive will be available to download for FREE from the Amazon Kindle Store from 14-16 December. Cyber Dead or Alive is a fast paced adventure featuring Blaze and Carla Heaton, Kindle the dog, and Kat the computer.

I hope the story will provide many hours of distraction for you or whomever you would like to recommend the novel to.

I hope your Holidays find you with someone you love, whether in your home or in your heart.

Happy Holidays!!

RL Blaisdell

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