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Cyber Seventy-Seven -- The Boats

As you’ve discovered by now, I like boats! Preferably sailboats over power, and catamarans over monohulls. In the KindleKat Series, if a bad guy has a boat, it’s probably a power boat, and it’s no accident that Blaze and Carla Heaton choose to live aboard large sailing catamarans.

It’s also no surprise, at least to me, that most of my readers want to know more about the boats, both the sailboats and, heaven forbid, the powerboats. So this blog’s dedicated to those holes in the water into which mankind has been throwing money for a few thousand years.

Lagoon 77 – (KindleKat) This boat is my absolute favorite and is Blaze and Carla Heaton’s home afloat for both Cyber Seventy-Seven and Cyber Retribution. As described in the novels, the Lagoon Seventy-Seven’s really are built at Construction Navale Bordeaux, on La Gironde, the river system connecting Bordeaux, France to the Atlantic. Lagoon has a beautiful website featuring their entire fleet of sailing and power catamarans. The site includes complete specifications, boat layouts, and some really spectacular lifestyle videos.

Ribcraft 5.85 – (KindleKitty) Since the Lagoon 77 is a bit too large for running back and forth to the local grocery store, the Heatons needed a tender for those short, fast trips. The Ribcraft 5.85 fit the bill perfectly. Tough and fast with an impressive range, the 5.85 is able to get the Heatons and their crew into, and more importantly out of, trouble in a hurry.

Monte Carlo 45 – (Dice Roller) The Monte is our first bad guy boat in the KindleKat Series. Designed as a fast, ocean going pleasure boat with a large fly-bridge entertainment area topside. I chose this particular boat from the Beneteau Heritage Series primarily because it was available for sale and charter in the Canary Islands. An excellent boat for its intended purposes, its shortcomings for a long distance pursuit of KindleKat become a key feature of the plot in Cyber Seventy-Seven.

Azimuth 80 – If you really have to have a powerboat…the Azimuth 80 would be a dream. Luxurious, fast, lots of range, and let’s face it…just plain sexy. In Cyber Seventy-Seven it’s one of two boats chartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by our bad guys.

Cigarette 42’ Huntress – And if you really need to get somewhere in a hurry…it’s hard to beat this great Cigarette boat from Performance Boat Center.

Stay tuned for updates featuring the boats from Cyber Dead or Alive and the latest novel in the KindleKat Series, Cyber Retribution.

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