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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Welcome to the official RL Blaisdell book site. I’m excited about getting to know the readers who’ve enjoyed the KindleKat Series.

Many of you have asked questions about the characters, the four-legged crew members, the boats, the toys, and the places they’ve read about in Cyber Seventy-Seven and Cyber Dead or Alive. I’ll answer as many of them as I can thru blog entries, forum responses, and FAQ pages. If you have questions about the books, the writing process, or what’s next, simply send them in using the Contact page.

By far, the most common question I’m asked is, “When is the third book in the KindleKat Series going to be released?”

The answer is, I’m shooting for the end of September 2020. The first full draft of the Cyber Retribution is very near completion. I have a great editor and she’s already at work on early versions of the manuscript. With COVID restrictions keeping both me and my editor close to home, I suspect we’ll be in good shape for the September launch target.

Unfortunately, there is one additional “wicket” RL Blaisdell novels have to go through that could impact the launch of Cyber Retribution. Because of my work related to National Security Systems, the novels are required to be “vetted” by the National Security Agency (NSA) prior to publishing to ensure I’m not giving away any of the “good stuff.” For Cyber Seventy-Seven and Cyber Dead or Alive, NSA was very responsive in their review process. However, it’s unclear whether COVID restrictions will impact their timeline for the review of Cyber Retribution.

While we’re waiting for Cyber Retribution, I’ll continue to post bits and pieces of content I hope you’ll find interesting.

BTW – The ending of Cyber Retribution hasn’t been finalized yet. So, I’m as anxious as everyone else to see what happens in the end. Stay tuned and stay well.

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